Governor Newsom signs into law eight bipartisan bills authored by Senator Brian Jones

All bills help improve the everyday lives of Californians

Senator Brian W. Jones (R-Santee) announces today the success of his 2022 legislative portfolio, which includes bills related to homelessness, disability access, and streamlining business licensure. Jones’s bipartisan legislative package includes eight bills that were signed into law by Governor Newsom:

SB 218 helps small business owners by streamlining bureaucratic paperwork.

SB 528 helps foster children with their healthcare needs by ensuring their caregivers and medical professionals act in the best interest of the foster youth. Read more about SB 528 here.

SB 994 is a win-win-win for Licensed Vocational Nurses, Naturopathic Doctors, and most of all, patients by expanding opportunities for licensed vocational nurses to help ease medical staff shortages. Read more about SB 994 here.

SB 1024 helps seniors, persons with disabilities, and children with financial matters. Specifically, it streamlines and expedites the process for temporarily replacing a professional fiduciary who passes away or becomes incapacitated. Read more about SB 1024 here.

SB 1120 updates the regulations by the Board for Professional Engineers, Land Surveyors, and Geologists to conform to modern industry standards.

SB 1214 protects architects’ drawings from copyright violations while balancing the interests of the public to participate in the local government planning process.

SB 1354 allows local governments to use design-build construction bids to comply with state and ADA standards.

SB 1421 helps ensure needs of homeless individuals with developmental disabilities are represented in efforts to end homelessness. Read more about SB 1421 here

“My legislative package helps improve the lives of my constituents and all Californians. These bills help small businesses by removing bureaucratic red tape, advance state efforts to tackle homelessness with a compassionate approach, and streamline government regulations and processes so Californians can get the resources and services they need to be successful. I am proud to have strong bipartisan support on eight of my bills signed into law by the Governor this year. With this session wrapped up, I am already working on my legislative package for next year and look forward to continue fighting for Californians.”

Read more about Jones’s plans for his legislative package next year here.

All of Jones’s bills were approved by the Senate and Assembly with bipartisan, unanimous votes. Upon Governor Newson’s signature, they will go into effect on January 1, 2023.