Jones’s Measure Helping Homeless Students Signed into Law

SB 400 would ensure that school districts are identifying and assisting homeless students with housing, meals, and counseling

A measure authored by Senator Brian W. Jones (R-Santee) aimed at assisting homeless students was signed into law by Governor Gavin Newsom.

Jones’s Senate Bill 400 implements a recommendation from the State Auditor regarding the tracking and assisting of homeless students. Local school districts are already required under federal law to provide homeless youth with referrals to existing local community organizations that provide services such as counseling, meals, and housing.  Specifically, SB 400 would require the California Department of Education to verify that local school districts throughout the state have the resources to adequately identify and assist youth experiencing homelessness and are carrying out their responsibilities. 

“Studies show that homeless students have a tougher time concentrating and are more likely to miss classes and drop out than students with stable housing,” stated Senator Brian Jones.  “This measure will not solve the entire homeless problem, but it is a compassionate and focused approach to help students without housing.  We need to ensure that state and local school districts better utilize federal funding, more effectively partner with established community organizations, and ultimately help students do better in school and complete their education.”