Legislative Republican Leaders Announce Opposition to Poison Pills in Retail Theft Bills

Today, Assembly Republican Leader James Gallagher (R-Yuba City) and Senate Minority Leader Brian Jones (R-San Diego) sent a letter to Assembly Speaker Robert Rivas and Senate pro Tempore Mike McGuire announcing their opposition to a Democrat-led attempt to interfere in California’s initiative process by adding language automatically repealing several bills addressing retail theft if voters enact the Homelessness, Drug Addiction & Theft Reduction Act.

“Democrats need to stop playing politics with public safety and let voters decide on fixing Prop. 47,” said Leader Gallagher. “These poison pills show that Democrats aren’t serious about ending the crime wave–they just want to look like they’re doing something because their years-long support for criminals has become a political liability.” 

In the letter, they urge legislative leaders to not support any legislation that contains language undermining Californians’ right to vote on the initiative to repeal parts of Prop. 47. 

“To combat the California crime wave, we need to strengthen our laws, both in the Legislature and at the ballot box,” said Leader Jones. “It’s irresponsible to force voters into a false choice between the two. Unfortunately, some Democrat politicians are too prideful to admit their mistake with Prop 47 and they continue to deny the desperate need for reform. The Democrats’ poison pill amendments are a cynical attempt to mislead voters and prevent the necessary overhaul of our broken laws.”

Read the full letter HERE.