Senator Jones Earns High Vote Score from California Chamber of Commerce

“Jones is a strong leader in the fight for jobs and businesses”

El Cajon – On its recent “Cal Chamber Vote Record,” the California Chamber of Commerce announced that Senator Brian Jones (R-Santee) received a 90% score, concurring with the Chamber’s position on 9 out of 10 major jobs, business and economy related measures.  (He missed one vote due to illness).

“Senator Brian Jones is a strong leader in the fight for jobs and businesses in California,” stated Marty Wilson, Executive Vice President of the California Chamber of Commerce.  “During these troubled times of government shutdowns and increasing regulations, Senator Jones is a solid advocate for the workers and business owners in East and North San Diego County.”

Jones’ career vote ratings by the Chamber:

2020: 90%
2019: 100%
2016: 94%
2015: 100%
2014: 93%
2013 100%
2012: 100%
2011: 92%