Senator Jones Praises Judge for Restaurant Ruling

Jones and family plan to eat out as soon as possible.

El Cajon – Senator Brian Jones (R-Santee) commends Superior Court Judge Joel Wohlfeil’s injunction blocking San Diego County from enforcing restaurant closure mandates.

Specifically, the judge said San Diego County failed to provide adequate evidence that County businesses with restaurant service present a risk to the spread of COVID. The judge also noted these businesses “enliven the spirits of the community” while also providing employers and employees with means for food, shelter, and other essential needs. 

“Businesses with restaurant service are essential to our communities” stated Senator Jones. “Thank you to Judge Wohlfeil for acknowledging these shutdown orders are not grounded in evidence and allowing restaurants to reopen.”

  The ruling comes just days after Jones, along with 10 other Republican and Democrat Senators, sent a letter to Governor Newsom strongly urging him to “reclassify restaurants as essential businesses, and adopt the industry’s protocols that would allow restaurants to operate safely.” San Diego County will not be enforcing restaurant restrictions while they seek clarity on the court’s ruling.

“Some restaurants are already reopening. Our family will be eating out and supporting local businesses as soon as possible” said Senator Jones. “Because the order is still unclear, some restaurants may not open right away. Please call before dining out and take appropriate safe precautions if you choose to do so.”