Senate Minority Leader Jones and San Diego City Councilmember LaCava Announce Bipartisan Amendment Success

The amendment highlights strong intergovernmental cooperation

In a bipartisan and intergovernmental cooperation success, Senate Minority Leader Brian W. Jones (R-San Diego) and San Diego City Councilmember Joe LaCava (D-San Diego) successfully introduced to the San Diego City Council a critical amendment to save non-profit transitional housing in San Diego.

“A huge thank you to Councilmember LaCava for his partnership in saving non-profit transitional housing in San Diego,” said Leader Jones. “The exemption amendment passed by the San Diego City Council is a lifeline for vulnerable individuals such as veterans and domestic violence victims who need a stepping stone and supportive non-profit services.”

“The Warrior Foundation Freedom Station transitional housing program in San Diego is a model for the nation,” said Councilmember Joe LaCava. “The San Diego City Council acknowledged the program and transitional housing qualified for an exemption from the San Diego Residential Tenant Protection Ordinance, and we thank Leader Jones for his partnership and collaborative efforts.”

The amendment exempts non-profit transitional housing from the San Diego Residential Tenant Protection Ordinance. It protects and respects non-profit transitional housing programs.

Leader Jones and Councilmember LaCava worked hand-in-hand with the Warrior Foundation Freedom Station, who initially raised the issue and sought assistance. Since 2004, Warrior Foundation Freedom Station has provided critical transitional housing for medically retired veterans. The Jones-LaCava amendment will save this non-profit along with many others that provide critical transitional housing services to vulnerable groups including victims of domestic violence, child abuse, etc.

Jones and LaCava will be touring the Warrior Foundation Freedom Station later this week to meet with medically retired veterans and learn more about the non-profit’s work in the community.