Senator Jones Coauthors COVID Relief Bill Package

Bills aimed at assisting struggling Californians and controlling the Governor’s overreach

El Cajon – Senator Brian Jones (R-Santee) announced today that he has coauthored three legislative measures by Assemblyman Kevin Kiley (R-Rocklin) aimed at assisting California workers, business owners, parents, and students as well as placing some checks on Governor Newsom’s state of emergency powers during the COVID pandemic.

“Business owners and their employees, parents, students, and many other Californians are suffering not just from the COVID pandemic itself but also from the heavy-handed tactics of Governor Newsom,” stated Senator Jones.  “These three measures will help bring some sanity back to how the State of California should operate: as a democratic republic, not a monarchy.”

The three Assembly Bills written by Kiley and Jones are:

  • AB 54 – prohibits state agencies from revoking a business license for non-compliance with shutdown orders without first proving the business was a cause of widespread COVID transmission. “This will reverse the state’s current ‘guilty until proven innocent’ policy towards struggling businesses,” stated Jones.
  • AB 69 – provides that a State of Emergency declaration issued by the Governor expires after 60 days rather than going on indefinitely. “The powers of a Governor should not be unlimited, unchecked, and unending, even during a health pandemic,” said Jones.
  • AB 76 – assures every California child has the right to in-person instruction. “‘Virtual’ or ‘digital’ education should be an option, not a replacement, for in-person instruction in a public school,” commented Jones.